Boodeful | Life Coaching
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As an awareness-based life coach it would be my pleasure to:

  • Show you how powerful your life can become when you raise your consciousness.
  • Help you build a real plan to get you to achieve your VISION.
  • Show you how self-deceptive your own mind can be and how that can hold you back in life. Yes, your own mind!
  • Help you gain understanding of how anxiety and fear are created in the brain, and show you how to use the neuroscience to help you become empowered to overcome it.
  • Help you to master your own psychology and self-actualize. Learn the mechanisms behind your behavior and learn to focus on those things that move you forward in life to help you achieve your goals.
  • Help you position yourself to share your gifts with the world.
  • Help you navigate the world as a newly spiritually awakened being. If spiritual awakening is of interest to you and/or you’ve recently awoken, I can help guide you to resources that will help you understand the profound changes you may be experiencing. I’d love to hear your story.