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I am a Mom, an Artist & Blogger, A Traveler, a Life Coach. Those are all labels that I don’t necessarily attribute to my True Self, but it’s a start.


This is the part about Awareness-Based Life Coaching.


Being a Self-Actualization Life Coach, I have learned that awareness alone is curative. What does this mean?

Becoming aware of all aspects of our being is empowering, motivating us to take actions that equip us with the tools to achieve a fundamental balance between our bodies, minds, and spirits.


I am committed to helping others build a sustainable self-awareness practice that can be tapped into on a daily basis and throughout their lifetimes.

Modern life is full of stressors, we become overwhelmed with the machinations of daily living often losing sight of the “Big Picture” and the importance of remaining connected to the things that bring meaning to our lives. I understand what it means to juggle in life, I am a single parent to a young boy and I am an entrepreneur.  My own burning curiosity about finding meaning in my life led me to discover and explore meditation, yoga, Psychology, emotional intelligence, breathwork, life coaching, spirituality, and other consciousness awakening practices.


Through the practice of self-inquiry, I have become a “superconductor” of stress, negative thoughts and emotions, creating peace and harmony in my life. The foundation I have built has made it possible for me to navigate the uncertain journey we call “life in the modern world”. I learned to listen to my body and my mind’s chatter as it attempted to make me feel down, inadequate, or stressed out. I ultimately learned that I was not just my mind, not just my thoughts and that I was this holistic being that needed a multi-level approach to whole health.

I learned that I can control thoughts just as easily as I control a car behind the wheel or a paintbrush in my hand. But it takes practice. Self-Actualization, like Meditation or Yoga, is a practice that will become a natural extension of your life.


I believe in the power and magic of the Law of Attraction. Using this philosophy, I have proven its efficacy on myself and so I love to encourage others to harness its tremendous benefits for well-being and self-actualization. Raising your consciousness opens a doorway to the infinite and allows you to tap into the creative energy of the universe. I am excited to be able to share these teachings with you and watch the unfurling of your genuine Self.


By taking a Holistic approach to well-being and using various methods to raise your consciousness, you will become empowered to be your own healer.  By sharing tools with you, we will co-create strategies to face any challenge or opportunity you encounter.

As your Life Coach, we will cultivate practices that will endure, inspire and motivate you going forward. Once you become aware of how and why your brain and mind work the way they do, it will help you dissolve neuroses like anxiety, depression, fear, and negative thinking bringing you clarity in any situation or circumstance. Raising your consciousness is a commitment you make to your well-being, and through self-awareness practices you will gain inner strength, mastering your own psychology and the ability to install healthy habits.


My journey of self-actualization continues to inspire me, and as a lifelong learner, I study and practice;

The Science of Happiness

Meditation (various techniques)

Various forms of Yoga

Conscious Connected Breathwork

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Spiral Dynamics

Integral Theory


I offer one-on-one virtual and in-person coaching, group coaching, satsangs on self-actualization subjects, breathwork workshops, and special package rates.


Certified Centre for Applied Neuroscience Life Coach

iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation; Level 1 Teacher

Breathwork workshops, Mala bead making workshops, and spiritual retreats

Businesswoman & Entrepreneur for over 20 years

Artist & Blogger


I am a regular volunteer at the Science & Non-Duality Conferences in San Jose, California, and soon to be a volunteer at the European SAND Conference in Titignano, Italy.